24 Hours in Seattle, Washington

I may have spent the last few years living in Portland, but I have to admit - Seattle is my favorite Pacific Northwest city. It has a lot of the same charm as Portland, on top of all the oysters you can stuff your face with. I'm lucky enough to have a bunch of friends from Washington, so I've experienced Seattle like a local since the first time I visited (which may explain why I love it so much). 

Remote Year is less than a week away 😳 so I've spent the last few weeks couch-surfing, packing, and practicing how to live out of a suitcase. But I couldn't leave Portland without roadtrippin' to the Emerald city to spend 24 hours squeezing in as many of my favorite things as possible. 

4:00 PM - Pike Place Market 

It wouldn't be a trip to Seattle without visiting Pike Place Market - home of the famous flying fish. When someone buys a fish, the employees hurl it through the air to pack it. But that's not the only reason to visit - you'll find everything from fresh huge (affordable) flower bouquets, to locally made items, and lots and lots of food. 

But the real reason to stop by Pike Place is the infamous gum wall. Post Alley, located under the market, covered in ABC gum. Semi-gross, yes... but also a great photo opp. Plus, if I'm going to leave my mark on a city, I want it to be bubblegum-flavored. 

5:00 PM - Seattle Waterfront

The Seattle waterfront is just short walk from Post Alley, where you can find the Seattle Great Wheel, Aquarium, and tons of restaurants and shops. If you're wondering if you should eat there, the answer is no - and here's why:

6:00 PM - The Walrus + the Carpenter

As any seasoned traveller knows, you have to venture off the beaten path to find the best food. Located outside the city center on adorable Ballard Street, The Walrus + the Carpenter  is a hidden gem known for their fresh, local oysters. 


In a city that can get pretty dreary, Walrus is a bright, hip and charming space serving up some of the best seafood in Seattle. They offer a variety of oysters harvested from their region, on top of a number of small plates. You really can't go wrong. Plus, it's pretty easy to find free parking around the restaurant, so you can explore some of the charming shops on Ballard street if there's a wait. 

7:30 PM - Kerry Park

While the rest of the tourists are busy heading up to the top of the Space Needle for the view, you can be Instagramming Seattle like a local from gorgeous Kerry Park. Located in the Queen Anne neighborhood, Kerry Park has easy parking, sweeping panoramic views, and no entrance fee. 

9:30 PM - Terra Plata

Terra Plata Dining Room

Terra Plata Dining Room

Burrata at Terra Plata

Burrata at Terra Plata

After checking into the hotel and freshening up, we headed to Capitol Hill for a snack and some cocktails. Terra Plata, or 'earth to plate', is a cute and delicious tapas restaurant using local, seasonal ingredients. Beyond the food, they're known for their rooftop patio, which is the perfect place to have a drink on a summer night. There are a ton of cute bars nearby, or you could venture over to my favorite Seattle bar - Queen Anne Beerhall. Then it's off to our sweet little Airbnb for the night. 

11:00 AM - Bar Melusine

If you took my advice and drank your weight in German beer at Queen Anne Beerhall, brunch is necessary. Seattle is home to possibly the cutest brunch place I've ever been to - Bar Melusine. It's the same owners as The Walrus + The Carpenter, so if you haven't OD'd on oysters yet (which, never), you're in the right place. 


I mean, this place is just asking to be Instagrammed. But really, everything on Capitol Hill is... even the shops. 

Likelihood  Men's Sneaker Boutique

Likelihood Men's Sneaker Boutique

12:30 PM - Space Needle

Even if you don't go in the Space Needle, it's worth popping by for a picture. If you do opt to head up, you'll find 360° views of the city from the viewing deck, or you can splurge and head to the SkyCity rotating restaurant. The ambiance of the restaurant is super cool - and you'll find Post-It notes stuck all along the windows where people have conversations as the restaurant spins. Disclaimer: it spins super slowly so you don't have to worry about losing the dinner you just paid big bucks for. 

1:00 PM - Mariner's Game 

We rounded out our last few hours in Seattle at the Mariner's game. Even if you're in Seattle on a less than beautiful day, the stadium roof closes - making it a fun activity rain or shine. If you're not into baseball, Seattle has other sports teams to choose from (season permitting), and if you're not into sports, the stadium has game-day food. And I'm always a fan of that. 

My biggest tip for visiting Seattle? Go in the summer and you can almost guarantee a sunny day. If you go the other nine months out of the year, make sure to pack a poncho.